The Scary Reality Behind Forgoing Dog Training



Spooky season has arrived, and there are many scary things out right now. But, do you know what I find scarier than ghosts and goblins?

To me, it’s an untrained dog.


Because an untrained dog is unpredictable…

…and can’t be called off if they get too jumpy, excited, or lash out at a stranger.

That is a frightening thought to me because the owner really has no control over the behavior of the dog. And when left to their own devices, dogs often revert to bad habits.

Think about this…

Even if your pup doesn’t have bad social habits (jumping, barking, nipping) what happens if they take after a squirrel into oncoming traffic and won’t listen to your command to come back? Terrifying, right? I know that would certainly make my heart stop!

I know most pet parents have such good intentions.

They work on the basic commands of “sit,” “lay down,” and “stay.”

Which are great things to teach your pup!

But then…they stop.

Mastering those commands doesn’t mean that your dog is trained.

Being able to direct your dog to exhibit the behavior that you want from them is what training is all about.

Which means you can trust your dog in any situation…

…and that even if they start misbehaving, you can easily redirect and get them to obey you.

Believe it or not, training also helps strengthen the bond you share as parent and pup!

Learn more about how unwanted behaviors can be lurking in the dark when you have an untrained dog.

The Dangers that Can Haunt an Untrained Dog


Letting a dog rule the home is quite dangerous because you’re teaching your dog that he is in charge, not you.

And that can have some pretty big consequences.

When a dog believes that he or she is the “leader,” they feel like they’re responsible for protecting YOU, which causes them to act out when guests or strangers enter your home.

This can be in the form of aggressive behavior, or your dog might just be overly excited, which some people may perceive as aggression. These misunderstandings can strain your relationship with your dog…and the cycle will continue.

Besides being uncomfortable around strangers, an untrained dog that runs the house can develop bad habits, like being possessive over food or toys.

If you have multiple dogs, this can cause fights among your dogs or your dog could snap at a family member who gets close to their food or important toys. This creates an unsafe environment for your family and other pets.

Training allows a dog to build confidence and establish independence.

Without a solid foundation of training, a dog can suffer from separation anxiety and may be fearful or aggressive towards everyday things like a car driving past the house.

You need to establish a relationship with your dog built on trust and understanding…

which all starts with proper training.

Why Training Establishes a Boo-tiful Bond


Training isn’t always easy…it takes patience, perseverance, and a whole lot of time.

That time spent together is so valuable.

Because it helps you learn about each other.

Dogs are extremely smart; and they can pick up on the moods and mannerisms of their owners.

They can even exhibit the same mood as their owners.

So working on training strategies together means that you’ll be able to communicate better and form a stronger bond.

That’s why well-trained dogs are so well-behaved…because the security and strong connection they feel helps them relax and follow your lead.

Which leads to a more obedient, calm, and confident pooch.

Are you ready for a dog that has better recall, less separation anxiety, and fewer aggressive (or perceived aggressive) behaviors?

Then it’s time to start training!

No Tricks, Only Treats…The Best Way to Train Your Pup


Treat yourself, and your dog, to a training program that helps you communicate with your dog in a language that they can understand.

It’s all part of my Dog Calming Code™ program, which has helped over 57,000 other pet parents just like you!

It focuses on using kind and gentle training methods to help address your dog’s greatest issues, from recalling to pulling on the leash to other naughty behaviors. They will all be a thing of the past once you’ve invested a little time into training with the help of my Dog Calming Code™ program.

What is it exactly?

It’s all about getting your dog to understand you and showing her that you are the leader in the house. This allows her to reach a calm state of mind, where she can listen to the commands you’re giving.

Even if other training programs have failed your pup, don’t give up just yet…

…my program is not like the others because it focuses on your relationship with your dog.

Meaning that the two of you are in agreement.

And when you can finally understand each other…you can achieve obedience.

Learn more about the Dog Calming Code™ now!

Happy Howl-oween 🎃

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