Bride’s Uninvited Sister-In-Law Shows Up To Her Wedding In A White Dress


One groom’s sister wanted to wear an off-white cocktail dress to her brother’s wedding, but when the bride asked her not to, because of a widely known marriage rule, she made a big deal about the whole thing.

A guest with the inside scoop posted about the whole incident on Reddit, via The Sunand revealed that the sister-in-law used the disagreement to attempt to entirely upstage the bride.

The bride’s sister-in-law showed up at the wedding in a white dress after being uninvited.

After telling her brother that she would no longer speak to him if he decided to go through with the wedding, the bride and the groom struck her off the guest list — not that it mattered when she showed up anyway.

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“Groom’s sister is told prior to [the] wedding that her dress choice is inappropriate. Sister replies she will never speak to her brother again if he goes through with the wedding. She is uninvited from [the] wedding, then shows up in this off-white cocktail dress,” reads the post.

The person who made the post also explains that the wedding was Halloween-themed, which is why all of the guests are wearing darker colors.

“The bride is understandably very upset about what happened and posted something [on Facebook] a few days ago about how she was disappointed that someone would act this way, but didn’t add any identifying info or name drop,” they continued.


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