A doctor explains impact for Memphis Grizzlies

A doctor explains impact for Memphis Grizzlies

Minutes before the beginning of NBA free agency last month, the Memphis Grizzlies revealed that their roster will have an unexpected hole to start the season. The team announced that Jaren Jackson Jr. underwent a procedure on his right foot to address a stress fracture injury.

The Grizzlies drafted two forwards in the first round capable of playing the traditional power forward position, plus they added Kenneth Lofton Jr. as an undrafted free agent.

Jackson’s four-to-six month return-to-play timeline means he should be back between November and January.

The Commercial Appeal interviewed Dr. Kenneth Jung, an orthopedics doctor who specializes in foot and ankle fractures, to get more clarity on Jackson’s injury.

Jung was a foot and ankle consultant for the LA Lakers, Anaheim Ducks and LA Kings, among other sports franchises.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

THAT: What should we know about a stress fracture injury?

Jung: The most important thing is which bone it is. The common one, especially in basketball players, is the fifth metatarsal. Another common one that requires surgery is the navicular, which is like in the middle of the foot. Jackson had surgery at the end of June, so it’s either something that he was dealing with through the season and it didn’t progress, or he may have started working out again and noticed pain there.

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