Testimonials- Take a minute and see what a few of our customers have said about their experience that they have had with us.

If you have purchased anything from us please email us or use our contact us form to write a short one or two sentence on your experience you received from us and we will add it to our testimonials page for others to view (please include if you want us to add your first name and last initial or 1st initial and last name


“I have ordered from this website before, I was so pleased with it I have just made my second order. everything is so professional and always leave you satisfied, I am a very fussy customer but would recommend this website to anyone”

~Matty G.~


“Thank you .. I sent the site to many friends .. because dealing with you is excellent .. Thanks again”

~Khalid A.~


“We are a small woman-owned business, and were looking for more Likes on our Facebook page.  We researched several companies, and made a great decision to use Mike and his team at www.Views4Less.com.  Wow!  Amazing results!  And excellent pricing too. Within  hours we went from 62 Facebook Likes to over 1,500. In less than 24 hours, we now have over 2,700 Likes!  We also got extra likes at no additional charge (thank you!!).  Now I don’t seem like such a small business – this  definitely adds credibility  – and at a fraction of the cost you would pay anywhere else. I am thrilled with the results and will absolutely refer you to anyone in need of this or social media marketing –  and we will definitely be doing business with you again in the future.   Thanks again Mike!”

~Nancy M.~


“Thank you I’m really going to start building a fanbase with this creative website of yours”

~Brandon S.~


“Oh mate, absolutely great!!! You are THE ONLY site I’d always recommend !!! I’ve already recommended several people to get onto your site. I’ll always spread the word brother ALWAYS !!!

You are THE BEST social media outlet for purchasing fans, views, etc PERIOD !!! There isn’t anyone better, and if anybody even tried going cheaper… they would not guarantee it !!! A good example… I bought 25,000 twitter followers for 20 bucks from another site. First 2 days I lost 7 thousand followers. So the guy re added another 25 thousand ( knowing more would drop heaps but to keep me happy to stay well above the 20+ ratio I paid for… lol… it’s been around 4 months… you know how many followers I have now? 8 thousand lol, it’s still decreasing slowly every now and then, very annoying haha. So you see man, guarantee is the best. If you pride yourself on that which you clearly sure as heck do… then… you are NUMBER ONE MATE !!!!!!”

~J K.~


“WOW! you guys are doing a great job! I see that now normal people subscribe and enjoy my videos! Cant wait to make a few more for a future order…”

~Tiffany L.~


“You the best and i am glad i found you.  thanks”

~Cary S.~


“Just a short note to thank you for topping up our  Twitter account, we will be back to you in a couple of weeks to purchase Twitter followers for our other  network accounts.


~Jeff C.~


“Your service has been great! I’ll definitely be continuously using you.”

~T. L Gordon~


“I have just seen your confirmation mail for my purchase (100 Google+1), 11 hours later…

Surprise! I have 66 Google +1 so far! Very nice job…Congrats.  Long life to Views4Less.


~Zerty Y.~


“Thank you im very satisfied.  I will send u more business.”

~Mario R~


“I wanted to thank you very much for the HUGE EXTRA likes and followers you added to my insta account.  What can I say … you have amazing swift and efficient service and I forward your website to all my mailing list and will continue to spread the message.  Thanks for being so kind with me

Have a great weekend :-)”



“I am always impressed on your great response time for likes and respond to any questions.”

~Eugene D.~


“Your site is the greatest one on the web. Your prices for every package is incredible value and better than ANY I’ve seen, you guarantee every LIKE stays put always and you even over-deliver !!!  What more could anyone ask for? 😀  I was more then happy to buy from you and buy with confidence. I will make your site my HOME for anything social networking related Mike. Cheers man look forward to seeing the result 🙂


~John K.~


“I just wanted to thank you so much for the great work on my instagram account and I really a appreciate your work and kind treatment.  I will soon order twitter followers with you so I will stay in touch.  I will certainly share your website and my personal great experience with you guys.

Thanks again and happy Easter”


“Thanks so much for everything you’ve done , I’m going to stay a loyal customer . Thanks Views4Less

~Lee B.~


“Thanks Mike, I am very please with the results so far need to reach 1 million views, will continue using service for more projected… Z

~Dj Z.~


“Thanks so much for everything you’ve done , I’m going to stay a loyal customer . Thanks Views4Less

~Lee B.~


“I am very happy with the service I received! After the order, it was about 30 min later when I got the first notification. Within an hour, Boom!!! 1000+ fans!! They over deliver! I have already spread the word and will continue! Very happy with the service!

(Little Advice for Skeptics….. It is real. If you think buying likes is a Moral wrong, try saying that while counting your money! It works, who cares what your friends think, 9 times out of 10, they already bought or used your service… Your doing this to gain more from it. And you will!

Kudos Mike!   Thank you for helping my business succeed..

~Joseph R.~


“Just wanted to say thanks and you did a really good job with these first accounts. Like I said before there’s much more to come and I’m looking forward to business with you.

~Trae S.~


“Thank you, and we will contact you very soon (for more Facebook fans and SEO). We are very satisfied with yours services.

~Tomislav L.~


“Thank you so much 🙂  I see that they are delivered. I am very pleased with your service and hope to use you soon again.

Best regards

~Anne B.~


“Thanks, ya’ll have been truly a blessing to me.  Thanks I have received 2 record deal offers. That’s to you.”

~C. J.~


“It worked guys thanks a lot! ill be ordering more now”

~Boris R.~


“Thank you again for your  wonderful business ethic!   I am planning on purchasing more facebook likes today!  Just wanted to let you know!

Thank you, it has been such a great thing in helping getting my business noticed.”

~Kerri S.~


“Your awesome haha thanks dude… thumbs up im 100% customer ill keep in contact with you guys most defiantly #1 spot to shop views4less.com”

~Shorty D.~


“Delivered as promised. Over delivered in fact! Thank you very much, very pleased and will be using your services again today or tomorrow.   Trying to drive traffic to my new site!

Best regards,”

~Jamie C.~


“WOW! That was fast!!  Thank you, Mike ~ I’ve been inching along for a long time…”

~Margaret R.~


“I love your service. This is my 5th time using it on this video and my 6th time overall.”



“Mike, thank you.  I will definitely being doing biz a long time with you, since you the best! thanks Cary



“I’d just like to express my satisfaction with the quality and speed of your services. Count on me for even more repeat business and to recommend friends who could use this reliable service.”

~Salvatore~ (Arizona)


“Thanks Mike , I really appreciate it . I got some more vids/Instagram & facebook for you coming real soon .  Hang tight , I love your service . Your very reliable and I love the prompt replies . Very professional !”



“Thank you very much! My third time purchasing and I continue to be very satisfied and blown away! You guys are definitely legit!”

~Cory F.~ (Wisconsin)


“At first i thought this would be a waste of money. But after the first small order i made it turned out to be the real deal. Now i have made over seven orders and will keep on ordering. This place is great.”

~E.C.~ (USA)


“I just wanted to say thanks for the Twitter followers you sent me.  I wish I would have found you sooner because the last company sent me all cartoon fake lookin followers and they are dropping off a couple hundred each day. Is there a way I can go ahead and remove all the followers the other company sent and replace them with yours? If not i guess I will just have to wait a couple months maybe they will all drop off. ”

~Louie R..~ (USA)




~Zach P.~ (USA)


“Mike thanks so much man!!! You really helped on my video!! I’m telling people about you dude!! You’re amazing!”

~Keith M.~ (Texas, USA)


“Thanks Mike! This is my 3rd order from you for various products, which indicates I’m very happy with your services. -st”

~Stevy T.~ (USA)


“Thank you very much sir,I appreciate and will continue to use ur service. Thumbs up to views4less.”

~James A~ (New Orleans, LA)


“Wow!  I am really very happy for how the fastest retweets I got. I really appreciate it. Thank you very much, I’ll make sure to be your return customer.  Lovely regards”

~Mahomed~ (Abu Dhabi)


“You are and have been doing a great job on my Views for my Youtube Channel.  Happy New Year and the Views look great!  I am looking at your Twitter Follower Packages right now! Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! Looking real good.”

~Ms. P~ (USA)


“THANK YOU SO MUCH…..this is working great I will be purchasing more packages off you in a few days, I am loving how the subs are rolling in but now i have to get some views to even out the sub/view count….thanks again amazing”

~Keith~ (PA)


“Amazing service!  I don’t know how to do it, but I am very happy with this purchase.”

~Mark D.~ (Canada)


“Ok thanks man!! I love using your guys’ company.   I don’t use anyone else.”

~Kayla M.~ (Texas)


“Thank you Mike, I will continue to use your service.  This seems very affordable compared to other sites.  I must say, I’m really impressed with the quality of likes/fans I’m getting. I had a label contact me just in the last two days about working with them – amazing! I think I’ll be becoming a loyal customer now… ”

~N.  F.~ (USA)


“I am so satisfied with this service, the way you make your email’s with detail and the service is quick and prompt. I will definitely recommend and spend more money with you guys thanks again Mike.”

~Raul R.~ (Los Angeles, California)


“Finally a service where the facebook likes aren’t deleted a week after, I’m a regular customer and recommend to anyone interested in this sort of service!  ”

~Noa.~ (Israel)


“I have used many services that claim to increase likes, are 100% safe for your account and are quite expensive. Views4Less is an amazing service that is quick, safe and inexpensive for lifetime likes! Not to mention the constant email support I have received! I WILL continue to recommended Views4Less to all of my contacts! ”

~Clarissa M.~ (Australia)


“I’m very happy with marketing service (YouTube views) I have received from Views4Less my analytic’s registers its real I’m happy!  Thank you much!”

~Michael D.~ (Oregon)


I was skeptical at first buying Twitter followers but Views4Less.com delivered in a fast time manner what was promised at first I didn’t expect it. But saw differently and went on a buying rampage after that. This is the best Company and I highly recommend them. If you email them you get a very fast response. I’m in the industry so me as long as the train keeps rolling.being a public figure I feel if I used them so can you. No one can touch them. Not even close, I’m sticking with them.”

~JR~ (Woodland Hills, CA)


“For a long time I had been looking for a suitable company and found it only in the Views4Less.com. I was very pleased with the service they provide. Not expensive, and without delays. Recommend it to others and already have”.

Denis F (Panama)


“I must say I am very impressed your service response is second to none.   So far your customer service is top notch and after browsing your site it is now clear to me that I will be looking into/buying nearly all of your services as you are exactly what I have been looking for.  This is regular and repeat business on a weekly/monthly basis and I would like to build a good working relationship with you”.

Kasha (London)


My name is Richard and I live in Southern California, I was hesitant at first buying Facebook fan “LIKES” but Views4less  deliver what was promised and I was well informed on what’s going on. “NO surprises” Their service is great  in fact, I am so confident with their service that I used my own money to buy more Facebook fan LIKES for my relatives business.

-Richard- (California)-


Simply Amazing ! I just wanted to thank you. I ordered a pack g+ and facebook fans and I even got a little bonus. I think I’ll order more packages. thank you for your commitment.

-Ozeen Matis (France)-


“WOW!  I just have to say that I am very happy with my Twitter Followers that I received from Views4Less.  I ordered the small package of 2,500 to try things out and make sure it was what I wanted.  After getting them I ordered the 100k package and they all came  just as described.  I spent a lot more with another company for Followers.  I will be back with my other Twitter accounts for my other businesses and may try the Facebook likes.

-Daniel Demple (Florida)-


“I just got 2,000 fans on my Facebook business page from Views4Less.com in just a matter of days and already I have seen my traffic and conversions increase! Thank you.

-Collins (Australia)-


“Awesome services with very reasonable prices. I will definitely be using Views4Less again for sure. Thanks again for helping me grow my Facebook and Twitter pages so quickly!

-Michael (St. Petersburg)-


“I am getting a steady flow of YouTube views to my video just as promised. They are coming in slow and steady so just like YouTube likes. Will be back for more and some subscribers.

-Misty Ross (Redwood City, CA)-


“I have been working on my Twitter account for months now with barley any followers. I just bought a 25k package and had my account skyrocket in less than 10 days.

-David Z. (New York)-


“This is my 4th purchase and have now done my Twitter, YouTube and Facebook pages. I couldn’t be happier with the service I received and even got free bonuses. Thank you.

-Adam N. (UK)-


“I couldn’t be happier with my YouTube views that I am getting.  I manage many musicians and the profiles for their YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages.  I have been using Views4Less for awhile now and they never let me down.  All of my musicians that I manage have also been very happy.  When we upload a new video from a new song we order some views to give it the jump start a new video needs.  Will be a loyal customer as long as I continue to receive the great service. I love the free bonuses I get!!!

Michael Donald (JBC Records, LLC)